About Us

Cyto Labs Pty Ltd commenced operation in early 1996 as a small lab on the campus of Curtin University of Technology.  Our aims included a clinical service, development of teaching programs and implementation of research activities.

In October 2003 due to the significant increase in our clinical load a decision was made to move into a purpose-built laboratory off-campus.  This laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility designed to maximize our ability to provide the most efficient, rapid and accurate testing available in the field, while leaving room for future growth.  Also incorporated into the building are open-air work space, with 17 ft ceilings, surrounded by lush gardens and personal parking bays provided for all staff, resulting in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

We are the only completely independent specialized clinical cytogenetics laboratory in the region.  This allows us to cater to the needs of our client base without having to deal with the cumbersome bureaucratic system that exists in larger labs.  We are dedicated to maintaining our exceptional level of service into the future.  Our primary focus is the patient and achieving the best result in order to help them.  Our testing involves the analysis of inherited and non-inherited chromosomal change.

Our current sample numbers place us as one of the biggest cytogenetics laboratories in Western Australia.  Annual data from the national quality assurance program demonstrates that we have had the best overall test result turnaround times in Australasia every year since our entrance into the field.

Located 15 minutes from the Perth CBD and the airport, Cyto Labs has its own courier cars that can pick up specimens and return them to the laboratory from any of our Perth based clients within the hour.

Current NATA QA results- 2013 Annual Data

Average turnaround times for most common specimen types received:

  • Products of Conception: 11.8 days
  • Constitutional: 4.7 days

Success rate:

  • Constitutional: 100%
  • Amnios: 100%
  • Products of Conception: 91.1%
  • Miscarriage abnormality rate: 80.9%

Clinical Service

Cyto Labs provides a full clinical service in the discipline of human cytogenetics.  Any living tissue can be investigated for its chromosomal complement. Our laboratory works with all tissue types to determine or confirm a clinical condition. Studies can be conducted pre-implantation, prenatally, throughout life, and even shortly after death.  Tissue types include amniotic fluids, whole blood samples, products of conception, bone marrow, lymph node, skin, muscle and umbilical cord.  Please refer to our Services page for more information about the tests we provide.